5 Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga has been with us for thousands of years, and how it can still be seen as a trend until now is indeed remarkable! As it has been practiced for such a long period of time, it managed to keep on evolving in such a constant pace. For that fact, the commonly used forms of Yoga these days-which commonly involves comfortable cushy mats, stretch pants and plenty of movements – are practically new.

These developments do not tend to vitiate the traditional physical focuses (asanas) of Yoga. Indeed, physical yoga will, for the very least develop strong, flexible bodies, best outcomes still results from a yoga practice that is more than physical. Yoga practices should involve a calm, open mind and spiritual enlightenment at some point. However, whichever reason one may put up in starting a yoga practice is reasonable. And like any other things, this practice should also start with the basic. And so, yoga poses for beginners should start with these 5 basic poses.

Wide Leg Forward Fold or Prasarita Padottanasana

To beginners who have tight hamstrings, this form may give a little frustration at first. This pose can be done in different versions, but do not assume that this should involve hands or head-on-the-floor forms right away. Experiencing the apparent happenings to your body, as the practice goes on, is more important than getting to a particular place or form at fast instances.

Getting into the proper form:

With hands on your hips, stand with feet wide open on your mat. Shoulder blades should be together, down on your back and your neck long. Feet should be kept parallel at all times.

With your eyes closed, try to picture your feet as a tripod – with one point at your heel, another point at the pad under your big toe and the last one under your little toe. Root all of these three points down into the ground.

Inhale deeply and visualize that you are pulling the roots from the point you’ve founded under your toes unto your hips. This can likely activate the muscles in your legs and helping you to create a good alignment. Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Popular Yoga Types

Many a potential yoga student eagerly looked up class schedules at their local gym only to be baffled by the variety of different types of yoga there are. These yoga types are actually all made up of the same postures, or poses, they use them in differing ways to achieve specific goals. Here is a guide to the most popular of yoga styles, so you can find the one you’re looking for. These are the most likely to be taught at your gym and have DVD teachings readily available.

We’ll start with two very general terms that each describes a variety of other, more specific types:

Hatha – These types of yoga are especially good for the beginner just learning the basic poses. They tend to be gentle, slow-paced, and done to very soothing music.

Vinyasa – These yoga types are physical movements synchronized with breathing. A Vinyasa class would typically begin with vigorous “Sun Salutations” as warm-up. These match physical movement with breath. More strenuous stretching movements are done toward the end of the class.

As we discuss the more specific types of yoga, you’ll see many are named after the teachers that invented them:

Kundalini – This Vinyasa type of yoga uses quick, repeated movements rather than long position holds. There may even be some chanting or call and response techniques used during the class. Kundalini holds the breath control during posture performance as essential. The expected result is energy moving from the lower body to the upper.

Bikram/Hot – This is usually referred to as “Hot Yoga,” and was initiated by Bikram Choudhury. In its full version it is a series of 26 moves, but not all are used in all classes. As its name implies, it is practiced in a hot room – about 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for a cleansing sweat and muscle relaxation. Read more »

Top 5 Yoga Poses.

It has been noticed that most people like Yoga poses. The following are details of each pose and how to practice it correctly and safely. Also given are the benefits that each of these poses bestows.


5 Best Yoga Poses:

Yoga Exercise #1: Yoga Stomach Grind:

The first exercise is called Kundalini Yoga Stomach Grind and it is a great way to work on your elimination system, digestive system and get the lower back ready for some serious yoga. It is a perfect way to start any yoga set.


Yoga Exercise #2 – Kundalini Yoga Modified Rowing:

Yoga Rowing frees up your hips, helps you develop flexibility in your hamstrings and also works on your abs and shoulder. Can’t go wrong with this one. It is another great exercise for daily practice.

Read more »

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