Learn the Benefits of Restorative Yoga


Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that uses props to provide support to the body to hold poses for longer. In restorative yoga, the postures are designed to create a sense of relaxation and restoration. Moreover, the props are used to eliminate unnecessary straining, allowing you to open your body through stretching. The poses can be sustained as long as you are comfortable using pillows bolsters, blocks, straps, etc. as it helps to relax and rest deeply.

Who should practice Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga is beneficial for people of all ages because it develops flexibility and opens the body in a comfortable way.

The following are the top benefits of practicing restorative yoga:

Slows down the pace of life: This form of yoga helps to prepare the mind and body for deepened awareness. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to relax for a longer time.

Boosts the immune system: The practice helps to improve the immune system and make you a less victim of any disease.

Heal emotional pain: When you are deeply stressed or dealing with anxiety, restorative poses offer soothing care to come out of the trauma easily.

Recover from illness: Practicing restorative yoga is considered as the best option to build energy and stamina and recover from chronic illness.

Benefit from full and deep stretches: In restorative yoga, an individual can easily stretch the body and relax for a longer time.

Trim fat and lose weight: The practice is also considered beneficial in losing weight as it helps to reduce the cortisol levels in the body.

Balance your nervous system: While practicing restorative yoga, you can take the body into a state of renewal.

Cardiac Health: A classic restorative pose allows the heartbeat to slow and work a little less.

Increased Breath Awareness:

Relaxation: This yoga pose is quite helpful in reducing stress and gives a deep sense of relaxation.

What to Expect from restorative yoga classes?

The classes are usually very relaxing and help in improving the range of motion. For this, you need to approach an experienced instructor that can teach the correct techniques of holding the poses. The teacher will arrange all the necessary props required for practicing. Using the props, an individual can feel great as you stretch and can hold the stance for an extended period, often up to 10-20 minutes. By practicing restorative yoga, an individual will feel completely refreshed.

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