Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a highly popular type of exercise consisting of holding certain postures and breathing in specific patterns. It is commonly practiced all over the world in a range of cultures and the benefits which it offers are numerous.

A study conducted in Norway recently demonstrated that frequent practicing of yoga can positively alter gene expression leading to an increase in cellular immunity. The movements associated with yoga enhance blood circulation and in turn enable higher optimal function of all organs in the body.

Harvard University researchers have earn-marked yoga as an effective combatant against sleep problems. They found that test subjects who took part in yoga for eight weeks had a significant reduction of insomnia issues. Their explanation for this was that yoga allows for the mind to slow down and in turn help the body relax and hence make it easier to fall asleep. Moreover, the mind-slowing effect of yoga also makes it a good way for people to reduce stress levels.

Despite the fact that yoga is a much less strenuous method of exercise, it can actually drive weight loss. Research which took place at the University of Washington positively correlated yoga with mindful eating and a higher degree of control over emotional eating. This is because regular practice of yoga increases the strength in connection between the mind and the body. This can lead one to be less prone to surrender to their food cravings, which leads them to consume less food and thus increasing the chances of their weight loss efforts to be successful.

Arthritis poses a problem for many people in late life. Researchers found in their study that the participants who undertook a six-week yoga problem reported an improvement in their arthritis symptoms. Their explanation for these promising results was that an effective way of improving arthritis symptoms was through mild warmth and gentle movement, something which yoga effectively provides.

Yoga already being the popular practice that it is, it’s promotion as being a practical remedy for a whole host of issues will only increase the number of people who will be willing to regularly take part in it.

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