10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Daily – Beginners

I hope the New Year had an exciting start for everyone!!  The first of every year is the time when everyone is setting up their New Year’s resolutions and trying to get in better shape or in better health for that matter.   To help you with focusing on your resolutions, I wanted to provide everyone that has not experienced yoga to at least start with ten basic poses.  These poses will give you a good platform to at least begin to entertain the practice of yoga as a means of both getting healthy and getting in shape.

I personally, wished I had started my practice ten years ago as I would have had a great opportunity to learn how to handle stress better and would have gotten in shape in my 30s or 40s.  But I can candidly say that now is better than never. I now understand why people that practice yoga daily look so fit and much younger than they really are.  They also have definition in their bodies that one only those that practice daily gain with their practice.

I certainly do not want to push the practice of yoga to anyone but hope to bring you into my personal journey, so that more and more people will join me in the ride to getting as fit as I can and continue to encourage more and  more people to try incorporating a 15-30 minute daily practice into their schedule.

Here are ten poses that I would suggest for beginners.

  1. Side Oblique Stretch/Side Bend
  2. Cow Pose
  3. Yogi Squat
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Up Dog/Cobra
  6. Windshield Wiper
  7. Happy Baby

  1. Pigeon
  2. Cat Pose
  3. Crescent Pose



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