Why Yoga is good for you…..


Yoga produces a sense of peace and well-being that cannot be found in any other form of exercise.  If practiced daily it has the ability to transform our internal view of how we approach and respond to life on a daily basis.

If you are open to the experience and the improvement it will bring to your body think about the benefits it will shower you with after one Yoga Class.

Benefits:  Increase in flexibility, Reduces stress levels, Improves brain function and Alter gene    expression

After a few months, if practiced daily for 30-45 minutes Monday-Friday,  the benefits are expanded to unlimited potential and you begin to feel like a different person.   I know this personally and encourage all of my readers to take the step with one class.    If you decide to continue after a few months you will understand the depth of how much difference it will make to yourself physically and your outlook on life itself.

Benefits:  Improved sense of balance, Improved lung capacity, Anxiety relief, Relief from chronic back pain, Reduced chronic neck pain, Lower blood pressure, Improved sexual function and Lower blood sugar levels.

I encourage you to take the first step of changing your life!!

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