Tips for Consistency in Your Yoga Practice




I wanted to share some tips to help you with  establishing a strong foundation for your daily yoga practice.  I follow these daily and once you become more and more consistent your body will simply crave the practice for you so it will become a daily routine all on its own!!!



  1. Set a good time that works for you and your schedule. (I always practice early morning with an empty stomach because I have experienced  optimum results. You can begin with 15-20 minutes daily and work up to 30-45 minutes or more.)
  2. Begin each practice with setting an intention. (This helps me in focusing on my intention while performing my practice daily.)
  3. Focus on your breathing throughout the practice. (The breathing is truly KEY in strengthening and engaging your poses. But more importantly your breathing will help you to stay centered and at peace with yourself.)
  4. Accept yourself…just the way you are! (As you make your practice consistent you will begin to feel, experience and visually see the difference in your body which will help you embrace the power that your practice provides on a daily basis.)
  5. Always end your practice with Gratitude!  (Be grateful for making time for your practice……Be grateful for the time you’ve spent focusing on yourself…..Be grateful for your health and how invigorating you feel after your practice….. Be grateful for the inner peace that your practice has given you!!!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



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