Incorporating Meditation with Yoga


For beginners, it will take practice to establish a routine for meditation.  But with practice anything is possible.  It is important to understand why incorporating meditation to your yoga practice is important.  It will provide you with a great sense of balance to your brain, body and soul and helps to restructure the brain in ways that lead to improved concentration and filtering into your subconsciousness.  Meditation allows you to experience without judgment of your feelings, thoughts and sensations throughout your body.  Daily practice of mindful meditation will allow your mind to begin to establish a deeper sense of living life with more of a focus on being compassionate and kind beginning with yourself.

The top five benefits of meditation include:

~ It will help you Stay Focused and maintain attention and throughout your day.

~ It will help you manage anxieties and depression in your everyday management of situations while improving ones overall mood.

~ You will experience improvement in reducing stress by establishing a lower brain arousal that will help how your emotions are activated in stressful situations.

~ Medication will increase the stimulation in “grey matter” in the brain which will improve your overall memory, learning, and regulating how you control your emotions.

~ It will boost your immune system and position you to fight off colds and flu.  Mindfulness meditation will fight off illnesses as it will help you reduce stress thus helping to strengthen your overall immune system.

Take some time during your  Yoga practice to begin to incorporate mindfulness meditation and begin to experience an overall improvement in your health your mind, body and soul.

Please take it from me mindfulness meditation does work and it will work for your !!

Have a Wonderful Day!  Remember to be kind and remain humble!!


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