How Yoga Is Helpful Physiologically

Yoga is responsible for creating a fine balance between the endocrine and the nervous systems in a human body and therefore it is very successful in influencing the good functioning of different body organs and systems directly or indirectly. Yoga provides a unique interconnectedness between the physical, mental, and emotional levels of human body and gradually makes way for an easy understanding of various restrained areas of existence.

All this in turn helps in attaining some psychological benefits for human body that further relates to the following points:Blood PressureHigh blood pressure or hypertension can be prevented and also treated by regular practice of yoga. The exercise and relaxation that yoga offers to human body play an important part in curing high blood pressure. Decrement in respiratory rate and increment in respiratory efficiency is one of the chief features of Yoga for the prevention of the High Blood Pressure. Yogic breathing in combination with biofeedback and other techniques of yoga help in lowering the blood pressure and reduces the necessity for medication for high blood pressure.

Pulse RateRegular practicing of Yoga drastically lowers down the pulse rate and brings them under control. There are three main components of yoga, Asanas, Pranayama, and meditation, which contribute directly in maintaining a stability between respiratory system and its organs. This in turn helps in attaining coordination between different organ systems and reducing the pulse rate.

Circulation Yoga also provides an ideal kind of sleeping pattern and normalizes body weight. This also helps in improving the circulation system of the human body and reducing the necessity for any kind of medication. Anxiety is termed to be one of the chief reason for unstable circulation system and the art of Yoga directly act as a preventive tool against anxiety thereby creating high grounds where circulation is well taken care of. OrgansYoga comprises of gentle exercises that are designed in such a manner so as to provide complete relief from the dangerous effects of stress on proper functioning of the organs within the body.

Different asanas allow stimulation of the different organ and glands. Yoga allows great exposure of the interior experience to the individuals and therefore co-ordination and functioning between the different systems is very smooth. ImmunityYoga makes stronger the immunity system of the human body and therefore creates a strong defensive wall against ill effects of some of the most threatening diseases in life. Yoga improves the immunity in human body by the process of gate-regulating mechanism and increases the secretion of white blood cells that are important for a good health. MetabolismYoga also helps in breaking down of glucose and fatty acids and thus stabilizes the process of metabolism. There are some asanas that helps to stimulate the performance of few of the inactive or sluggish glands.

This allows enormous level of optimum hormonal output. The primary aim of yoga is to improve the functioning of thyroid glands as it is highly powerful in attaining proper mechanism for metabolism. The mechanism of metabolism is stabilized during the process of yoga as most number of calories is burnt during the process.GastrointestinalGastrointestinal region of the body is also benefited through regular exercising of Yoga. usual exercises of yoga benefits both men and women in improvement of gastrointestinal areas. Yoga is an efficient tool that brings about the co-ordination between proper mental health and efficient functioning of gastrointestinal areas. Mental health and gastrointestinal functioning are interconnected and yoga helps in bridging the gaps between the two.Cardiovascular EnduranceYoga plays an important role in lowering the heart rate and therefore improving the level of oxygenation in the human body. An idyllic combination of lowered heart rate and improved oxygenation results in higher cardiovascular endurance.RespiratoryLower respiratory rate is accomplished if the lungs are working to their best efficiency.

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