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Did you know that practicing yoga daily not only improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength and improves your poster but also can prevent cartilage breakdown?

In practicing yoga daily, you will actually be taking your joints to their full range of motion that are usually not used to their full potential.  The cartilage in you joints will soak in fresh nutrients only when its fluid is squeezed out causing a new supply to be soaked up in the joint cartilage.  By rejuvenating your joint cartilage you will minimize the wearing out process of your joints caused by neglect or non-use of the joints.

Practicing yoga daily will also protect your spine as many may think that it will hurt your spine.  Spinal disks need and require movement which in turn provides nutrients to the areas of the spine between the vertebrae minimizing the compression of nerves causing back pain.  Yoga also improves your bone health through the weight-bearing poses used and the use of lifting your own weight.

Yoga also gets your blood flowing producing a rush of energy while it improves blood circulation to your hands and feet. But more importantly, yoga increases oxygen levels to the blood which will minimize the cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Yoga will increase drainage of lymph helping the lymphatic system attack and fight infection successfully, destroy cancerous cells, and will help remove the toxic waste products of the cellular functioning process.  Additionally, yoga exercises can and will improve cardiovascular conditioning, endurance, increased oxygen levels, helps lower blood pressure and regulate adrenal glands.

From a wellness perspective, practicing yoga daily will improve your overall wellness levels tremendously if the commitment is there to begin with.



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