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Meditation Techniques to Practice Gratitude

If I can help those of you that really feel overwhelmed with everyday life or those of you that feel like your world is caving in all around you, try to take time for yourself and RELAX.  Make time for yourself so that you can recover from the happenings around you and you can learn to […]

10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Daily – Beginners

I hope the New Year had an exciting start for everyone!!  The first of every year is the time when everyone is setting up their New Year’s resolutions and trying to get in better shape or in better health for that matter.   To help you with focusing on your resolutions, I wanted to provide everyone […]


Incorporating Meditation with Yoga

For beginners, it will take practice to establish a routine for meditation.  But with practice anything is possible.  It is important to understand why incorporating meditation to your yoga practice is important.  It will provide you with a great sense of balance to your brain, body and soul and helps to restructure the brain in […]


Did you know?

Did you know that practicing yoga daily not only improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength and improves your poster but also can prevent cartilage breakdown? In practicing yoga daily, you will actually be taking your joints to their full range of motion that are usually not used to their full potential.  The cartilage in you joints will soak […]

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