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Yoga Trapeze Certified

Do you want to Relieve Back Pain, Be More Flexible, Have A Strong Core, and Develop Your Upper Body? Here is the way to do it and I can take you there.   Awesome offering for those of you in the San Angelo, Texas area……… [FREE! 30-Minute Discovery Class] Want to learn the Yoga Trapeze? […]

10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Daily – Beginners

I hope the New Year had an exciting start for everyone!!  The first of every year is the time when everyone is setting up their New Year’s resolutions and trying to get in better shape or in better health for that matter.   To help you with focusing on your resolutions, I wanted to provide everyone […]

Meditation Techniques to Practice Gratitude

If I can help those of you that really feel overwhelmed with everyday life or those of you that feel like your world is caving in all around you, try to take time for yourself and RELAX. Make time for yourself so that you can recover from the happenings around you and you can learn […]

8 Excellent and Effective Restorative Yoga Poses

As shared in the previous post relative to Restorative Yoga poses and the benefits they provide, the one thing to keep in mind is that these poses will help you to restore your inner-self while holding each pose as long as possible.   The poses help to move your body into a sort of restful […]

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